GiANT Leadership Podcast

#027 Live Out What You're Selling

Episode Summary

Masi Willis brings high challenge in this episode as she encourages leaders to live out what they are "selling", especially within the organization, not just to customers or clients.

Episode Notes

Episode Highlights, Links and Resources:

During the opening, Jeremie and Steve discuss managing time and being more strategic with time. They mention the 5 Gears and several of the tools that help with communication and to make sure we are productive but also present with people in a healthy way. GiANT helps people become more Relationally Intelligent. They mention "thinkers" and "feelers" and the differences in personality. They have developed powerful tools to help people understand themselves and each other. You can access these tools by going to GiANT.

Jeremie and Steve talk about Peace during their introduction conversation. Have you ever thought about how Peace affects your relationships? How do you be at peace with yourself and with those around you? No amount of business success helps when you're not at peace with the relationships in your life.

 Jeremie and Steve are available for a Peace Index or Communication Code Keynote at your next event or training. To book them, please contact Tracy Rader.

Masi Willis is our guest today. She understands people dynamics as much as anyone. If you would like to talk to Masi about working with you as an individual, your team or your organization. Reach out to her on LinkedIn. And check out her website to see all that she offers. The Mason Effect.

Masi mentions the Know Yourself to Lead Yourself tool. This tool transformed her as a leader. She has worked on knowing her tendencies so she can see where she undermines her influence. If you want to access these tools: Get your Pro account HERE.
Masi shared a piece of wisdom she has heard before. "What you win your teams WITH, is what you will win them TO." She emphasizes the need to live out what your saying within your organization. The culture within an organization needs to be living out their values.  In other words, LIVE what you're selling!

So, if you are leading an organization, "What are you selling to your employees?" It's not a one-and done. It must be an on-going living out of your values.

Our favorite episode quotes: 
Steve, "Work can be incredible, but if a key relationship is off, no amount of business success brings peace when misalignment in key relationships is there."
Jeremie, "When I am at peace, I'm really good. When I'm not at Peace, I'm really average. Peace is power."
Masi, "What you win your teams WITH, is what you will win them TO." 

Episode Takeaway from Steve:  You only have finite time and you must prioritize what is most important.  How do I disappoint people who want more of my time, in a healthy way?
Episode Takeaway from Jeremie:  Peace is power! If you want to empower people, you must have internal peace. Fight being at peace.

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